Boat excursion to Moro Islet – full day

Duration: approx. 8 hours
Depart From: Kuto
Level : Easy
Included: Excursion & Lunch
Enjoy this beautiful picture post card setting and plunge into the traditional lifestyle of the Pacific Islands!

Boat excursion in Isle of Pines – full day

Enjoy Isle of Pines’s best islets in the middle of the most beautiful lagoon of the world wich will leave you speechless! A delicious lunch with lobster will be served on the Moro Islet.


09:00am: Departure from Kuto Bay (in front of Kou Bugny Hotel)
09:15am: Kanumera Bay (in front of Oure Tera Hotel)
09:20am: Arrival on a sand ridge
09:45am: Arrival on Brosse Islet
11:30am: Arrival on Moro Islet
12:00pm: Lunch with grilled fish and lobster…
02:45pm: Departure from Moro Islet
03:00pm: Back to Kanumera Bay…